Therefore, for loans to the two men first, and explains nothing, females new first primary?

Ex-bar (we used an atty) told me that the court would not act to end an application anymore.Specifically filed for divorce. Ex refuses to give me one. After countless problems with mortgages and capital accounts.> A.. Can not be billed the one who sent me, even if earnings MTGE is automatically deducted from my checking account.> B.. Equity forgive me in case of divorce, but has stopped funding ex and can not complete the conversion he began and left unfinished. “C.. Mail is a renewed interest on both mortgage accounts and equity and interest payments to the former tax identification number gutgeschriebenseine. This sign will not be changed for the D… ” Can not get insurance on the house has changed. If the information is ex gets half. I pay mine Versicherung.House married since 1981, only 4 years. Loan holders say he’s fine, but I had the highest incomes. He has done for loan applications. I knew nothing of “primary” things!

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