Then my husband and I afford a baby?

I am 23 and my husband is 25 Before anyone enters in all its forms, my husband and I were together for 6 years and married for 2. We both have a university degree, a stable job and their own home. This is what our financing activities: Mortgages 990 (including PMI, insurance, taxes, etc.) For a 2 176Car 255Versicherung 150Student 248Cell 130Kabel / INT 60Wasser 35Elec 80Gas Nat 20Gasautos 225Total: $ 2.369Unsere take home income is $ 3.600.Wir have significant credit card debt (maybe $ 20 – $ 40 in total) My health insurance is paid entirely by my work. We are just a few years if we are not major repairs. We Ove 6-8 k on both sides of the car and about 35k in student loans. We are so anxious not to be able to afford this können.Wir already low diapers, wipes, clothes, bed, stroller, playpen, car seat, high chair and more to mitigate the Kosten.Oh we have the 5k savings and doubling-up before the baby arrives. We hope this beginnen.Gibt December it’s something we forget? All financial implications are we missing? So basically is $ 1,200 less food and incidentials us enough to raise a baby? I work about 35 hours per week and will continue after the baby is born. I know this is not the traditional thing to do. We just want so much for us right from * baby.

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