Then a lawyer in an official letter, write that without having to pay a retainer?

I loaned a “friend” (14 years) $ 3,000 over 3 years. She went through a difficult period. It was adopted by the self for the automotive industry and, after touching the bottom of the economy, she was on the verge of losing their homes to foreclosure. She was also in the process have turned off his phone and was afraid of not being able to get back on their feet when they could conduct their business. Her boyfriend was also independent. He bought things from real estate sales and sell them on eBay. Their mortgage was $ 2,500 stayed behind, his phone bill was almost $ 300 and ACCT EBay due $ 198.00. When my family was doing well as I have just received money from an insurance settlement, and had loan agreements. I took the helm of his daughters “union” of the West $ 2,500 on their phone bill put on my credit card and sent them money via PayPal to eBay for the ACCT has always been bezahlen.Es realized it was a loan, but because they go through a difficult time, I do not want it with a pressure of repayment, and said only: “. I pay as soon as you can or if I ever need to return “to those he made during the last 3 years they have not forgotten that they pay me quickly and once payment has a 250 million reduction in their debt to me up to $ 2,750 gemacht.Vor six months our financial situation has changed. My husband had started hours to be cut again. First, we wrestled and managed, but shortly after it got worse and we also meet unexpected bills. I talked to my “friend” and asked if she could pay me the money they owed me back. If they could not handle the full amount, I accept the payment, but we need money. She said she chose a fight deal with me on something trivial, could and then briefly. I saw this thing for what it was and urged them to refund me all this, otherwise … She was filing for Chapter 13 BK, explaining that they are not overdue on debts or new debt supported and more flexible BK. I did not want to cause problems for them, but I need my money and told him how much. She promised that she would have money for me at the end of May. The deadline has arrived and not a word. My husband finally had his moment would be back, but not fast enough and get more money because we had come to do everything we could hope for when they pay, and frankly, we thought of our creditors, as long as we could. Following our trucks that we had paid hard for over 3.5 years had to be withdrawn. We are able to recover it, but we’re going to let you do some other tickets, and it will be us much trouble. The money owed to me would take us right back on track to bringen.Ich starting to see that when I “officially” with it, I will not see my money in the near future. Recently, one of the rare occasions when we had a cordial conversation, she slips so that their stable position for the past year and a sort of loophole, she is able to stay in their apartment for last 36 months and their car (a Mercedes) for the last 18 months without paying anything and that her boyfriend just bought a new car. Now I’m angry! While my truck is sitting in a crowd, how we get to Friday with $ 1,100 to get our truck back and try to understand how we are to feed the family and keep the lights on, they try very good! In what universe seem fair? So now I’m ready to roll up my sleeves and get serious. You do not just want for people, especially after a decade and a half of “friendship.” Its just as pathetic and cliche, the problem is, I live in Colorado and California. I looked inside and I can not pursue them in small claims here. I would like to be treated to a lawyer, action or set the file itself, but I had to do from there. Obviously, he can not afford it right now. I looked into hiring a collection agency, but the few that I use as an individual, non-business loans found that between advance payment of 30-50% free (and others after). I kept all the evidence (WU receipt, credit card statement, PayPal transaction with all the money that he, as well as e-mails, where they admit their guilt and to me, allowing me to repay such that they owed me, entirely Sent from May 2010). I want to know if I can hire a lawyer (preferably in SoCal) upon return to pay me by giving him a letter in my name indicating my intention to pursue all legal options to make my money within 30 days notice to go without pay for a scary person and, if so, how much it would cost something, and if anyone can think of nothing else to do but I can get the money for me guilty, which would be very grateful to get. Maybe a SoCal atty who is ready to handle this would Probono? DankIch Please thank everyone in advance for any advice. Unfortunately, it was so long but I wanted the whole story, if anyone could add anything to think I could do. Maybe someone know a SoCal atty or business who are willing to take on these Probono?

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