The Underwriters rejected my loan due to the location of the home. Is this illegal?

One week after our closing date, the Underwriters rejected my loan due to “The value of the home is too much for the area, and there aren’t any comparable homes in the area.”. My Real-estate agent, Mortgage Broker, and the Appraiser all said “that is discrimination based on geographical location” and we have a law suit. This would have been my first home (as of 9/28/07) but they ‘pushed’ the date back to 10/02/07, and at 5:15 PM they told my mortgage broker that the loan was rejected, and they knew since 11:30 am that morning. My apartment lease was over on 9/30/07, so now, my wife and 2 daughters, are homeless; staying at a friends apartment until this gets resolved. The Underwriters pulled our (applicants) credit 3 more times, drastically reducing our credit, which in turn is making us come $ 5k out of pocket through a different Underwriter. Please, someone tell me i have a case.. We have already invested $ 2k into inspections, appraisal, etc, and would hate for it to be for nothing.
The house appraised @ $ 194,600.00 with the purchase price set at $ 166,600.00. There were 2 appraisals done; One i paid for, which lists 6 comparable homes, and the other that the Underwriters had done, listing 4 comparable homes. All homes in the area are from $ 130k to $ 200k. Which is why i am so frustrated as why they would say that. It makes NO sense.
Just in case anyone was thinking that they might have reasonable doubt that i would default on my loan…

I have a 30 yr fixed @ 6%, so the problem with the thousands of people that defaulted on their variable rate loan shouldn’t effect me what so ever. Those thousands of people are all moron’s for letting it happen to them. They should have either;
1- Refinanced into a fixed rate
2- Sold the house BEFORE they defaulted. It is very easy to find out what your payment is going to be 1, 2, 5 years down the road, even with a variable rate loan. Their fault for not planning ahead.

I make enough to pay 2x the mortgage payment, and have been @ the same job for 4 years now (only 21 yrs old). That’s not including my wife’s income, who makes almost twice more than me.

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