The ultimate question for the house ….?

I am nearing completion of the university, and I saved about 15,000. I’m looking to buy a condo at about 85,000. I have two choices when it comes to the mortgage …. 100% loan, 6.75% paid approximately $ 550 per month (no PMI required) Loans 95%, 6.375% paid about 540 per month (PMI) (4250 money for the down payment) My manaqement is. …? Is it wise to make a deposit, if only to make my payments will be reduced by about $ 10 a month? I want to have equity in the property, but I could pay the money until the end is completely out of my car, which would free up $ 115 Monat.Market Tulsa, OK ….. Findings of the order of 3-5% per year, not really concerned with the domestic market, so there’s never really downturrns major. I can not wait to put in the house for about 5 people Jahre.Für I can get around 100% PMI, please note the additional interest. It is generally 5% higher than other mortgages available.

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