The need to file bankruptcy or something, HELP?

We started operation of our own semi (hence called a trucking company), 3 and half years ago. Semi is paid off, but last year, engine blew, cost was 18,000, and we lost a big account. The small accounts we have are not cutting it. It has been bad for the last year and a half (it was probably always bad, we just did not realize it yet). The gap between paying the bills, and supporting the bills with credit, is almost completely closed. We still have good credit (well, my shows too many credit cards, about 630 score, hubby’s is 720), but we are still barely paying the bills, last month, we had two late fees, totaling 40 each in late payments. These kinds of things are happening on a regular basis with no light at the end of the tunnel so far. One major breakdown again, and we are finished. I need direction fast, before our credit and name are dirt. I have contacted credit counseling, one was legit, the other a scam, which I did not fall for scam, but the legit one said my interest rate was so low on all cards, that they could not help me that much. The one thing that could help us would be to re-fi the house, and consolidate 1st and 2nd mort, but our tax return shows we made a whopping 6500 bucks. Any direction appreciated.

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