The money at the front with a VA loan?

We plan to use my husband’s VA loan to buy a house. It is newly built (Hubble Homes) is approximately $ 190,000 (including options) and the cost to the State of Idaho where he ankommt.Wir do not need a deposit by the VA, but I said there are other costs such as insurance, type of VA loan fees, and some tests. Since this is a new home, under the guarantee we do not have a home inspection, so no cost gibt.Also … before we pay a fee of 1.5% VA, or means to date of our mortgage? As for this insurance, you can give me a rough estimate of what we should have? And I forgot other upfront costs required to purchase a new house construction, please do not look for exact numbers, just wondering if $ 500 or $ 5,000, we ist.Vielen you looking at advance!
Building insurance, etc., we paid in 2010. Is there anyway we can claim to any of these expenses on our 2010 A return? We do VA loans, so you do not pay, no mortgage payments until we walk in the door. But boy, my boy, there were so many other costs that we had to pay. Any help would be welcome. Thank you for any help you could give to the situation.

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