the janitor!!!!!!!!!!! a joke?

Once Microsoft enters a man in his 38 years with a CV in hand, waiting to be interviewed for a wave of janitor
After the interview, when it seemed that everything was sent, the HR manager asks the man:
-Do you have an email for a faster response?
-No sir, I have no computer or
“But sir, you will work on the main company of the branch of informatics and does not have an email?
-Yeah…, the situation is…. hard , not even have
-So I guess I can not help you, the job will not be yours, sorry
In this, the man walks away dejected, not knowing what to do to sustain the family, no debt perspectiva.Nisso opens his wallet and sees that it has left five dollars buys some vegetables and out selling door to door, and at the end of the day already has $ 15
The other day, get $ 10, and does the same thing, buying selling vegetables and leaves at the end of the day with this $ 30, lively, day after day goes by selling vegetables on the street. And so on, until you buy a van, then moved on to a truck, the truck to a grocery store. when he sees the man is already a millionaire’s grocery industry, your company not to make progress, it has actions, home, cars will all too well.One day appears an insurance broker, because the businessman wanted to make one, for now he conditions, and after filling out the form everything right, the broker asks:
-Do you have an email person?
Non-staff, the firm is not I, not like computers
“But sir, how can today, in a global change that revolves around the informatica, you do not have access to internet? Are you a millionaire without internet You imagine what you would if you had at least one e- mail?
– Yes, “replied the man, Microsoft’s janitor

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