The issue of mortgage loan modification?

March of last year, I lost my job due to the fault of my own business went biz. I have a mortgage, where is my April is 9%. In July, I called Bank of America, where I bank and ask to refinance, he said they do not receive, because the one we owe 155k 120k house is worth and I’m on unemployment . He offered the program and making homes affordable for me to go on loan modification department. I talked to them and they took all my income and expenses on the phone and they asked me to fax payslips, letter constraint proff unemployment. They said it takes 30-45 days to see details. Can not hear anything from them, and so I called the day of 45, they said they have not yet examined. I thought it was done, we clean our payment on time each month. Then last week, the envelope of the Fed-Ex showed in a one-page letter from BoA letting us know what our study, giving a first trial in 1600 to pay taxes 1090, he also said that a few days after you get older. Yesterday, the second November II package was presented to all Fed Ex to see the list at this time thicker heels over pay, tax documents, etc.. It was also three Cupón with the trial because one of the first payment in December 1077, January 1 February 1 I have not paid anything yet November. So I went online to make the payment and it was blocked in November and said in # 1866 because it is a special account curmenstance. I called in spoke with a representative, they told me that you now have a trial, he asked for payment, they can set up direct debit, which tells me they are designed to be compiled December 1 I asked to pay in November I have not one, “he said, do not worry about it. I also asked if it would hurt my credit score, “he said, no way it hurts a credit score. The only way to harm your score if you do not pay taxes in his study. I read that some people took the credit, even if it struck with the lender that is not spoken. I recently received an offer of credit, which gave me 4.99% until balance is paid in full, they gave me a check to my credit on my bank account was 7k. I hate being late for my loan to my credit card company to return with a universal Clase defuate my Jack and April. Do you think they could publish it in its written comments or thoughts would save suheldes.Kõik tore.Tänu

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