The government can’t control healthcare right?

I don’t get it. All these commercials about healthcare not being run by government. Um, has anybody taken a look at their insurance policy lately. No, flip to the “exclusions” list in your handbook (if you didn’t get one like most insurances “forget” to give you go online and look it up).

The insurance companies are already telling you what you can and cannot do! For instance as a employee of the TriWest Healthcare Alliace (the management company for the Tricare benefit in the west region), the exclusions list included stuff like weight loss and reduction, genetic testing, intelligence testing, marital therapy or couples counseling, private hospital rooms, and I could continue but take a look at it for yourself in the link below.

The point is, the insurance companies already tell us what we can and cannot do and they refuse to pay for treatments if you don’t see certain doctors (if you are on a HMO) and or treatments (regardless PPO or HMO).

Alaska Natives have a universal healthcare system. If you are Alaska Native, and I am an Alaska resident, you can go to the hospital and clinics for free. ALL CARE FREE. Their specific hospital is the most state of the art. No its not long wait lines and ridiculous treatments. These people see the docs when they want as many times they want, dental and any other treatments they want. Despite what you may think their population is vastly less then the other populations here which is why they only NEED one hospital in Anchorage., but they have hospitals all over Alaska! Their treatment is superior and people need to know that universal healthcare could and would work just as well!
Taylor- nobody has proof that Bush didn’t cheat in the elections to his 2nd term. But like the rest of us, get over it! He is president, your answer was stupid and so are you! Ooooh, that felt good!
Slew- I am Nationally certified in ICD-9 coding, CPT coding, Medical Insurance and Billing. Some of the things you said were flat wrong. If you even bothered to look at the link, you would have seen abortions on the list of exclusions! Not only that, but please tell me an insurance that has paid for a patient who did not need a hotel room for the procedure. It is far and few in between, but occasionally the insurance company, after many pre-auth submits, that they will send a patient to a location where a specialist is because that specialist is not available where they live. This rarely, rarely happens! Insurance collect money and try to save money by denying every little procedure that they possibly can. If insurances were as free with their money as you claim, we wouldn’t have a problem!

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