The credit issue without the permission of the interview?

Last year we refinanced our mortgage loan officer. Deal tehtud.Saime phone call to approve a loan officer that he could apply for a refinancing even faster and reduce our rate of the second paragraph or so. We told him we were sorry that it cost us ten great last time and said that this type of refinancing would meile.Me little or no cost, we said we were just a little curious, but I would like to know more details he urged us to sell us, and we also talk directly to our bank mortgage guy to see how they compare. He said he would put the numbers and asked if we knew what our ratings are. We talked to him, as we knew them, and said very clearly and simply: “But do not pull my credit.” He pulled anyways. We are a credit to him the invention from the results, and a list of factors that influence tulemus.Nii now my question is this – we get a credit report illegally and if so, what should we use? We have a prior business relationship with him, but no relationship business today. He asked us to start a new business. Even if it is sufficient to have a verbal agreement over the phone would be enough? If he misunderstood what was said by telephone that he could not legally do our credit or would it still need to get a signature?
Illegal immigrants proved to be a very good mortgage risk …. well, until the government began to expel them from the 2007th Illegal immigrants buy homes they can afford, and homes to raise families, not to return and make a quick profit, or simply “follow with Jone’s” as the Americans did, that got us into this jama.Nii Does anyone out there is the number of loans that are not, as the repression of immigration? Why do people push for these people evicted if they work hard to make ends meet while paying their bills and help the U.S. Http: / / to-illegal-immigrants-sturdy-but-show-some-cracks/Kodulaenu Sturdyhttp illegal immigrants: / / -risks / Illegal immigrants mortgage Riskskungfud2 be good, you’re wrong! They were able to obtain loans, “a number of separate identification of the taxpayer, or ITIN.”

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