The cost of repiping my house….?

So I’ve been hearing water inside my bathroom walls for the past couple days. Today I realized that the slabs on my bathroom floor were warm, and I must have a hot water leak. The earliest my home warranty people (I just bought this house in June) can get someone out here is Monday. In the meantime I called a friend-of-a-friend over to take a look and he said it was a slab leak. That I could just have my bathroom tore up to get it fixed, but most likely I’ll have another leak at some point, so I might as well get the hole house repiped.

I have no clue on anything, so I have some questions:

1. What’s the average cost of repiping a 1400 sq. foot house?
2. Is this something homeowner’s insurance covers?
3. Is it something a home warranty (something else I have) might cover?
4. Is it worth it to repipe the whole house, rather than just the current leak, if I can’t afford it right now?

Any information would help. Of course my water is turned off right now. My friend-of-a-friend is supposed to come over tomorrow to replace the valve on my hot water heater, because it can’t be turned off right now. I’m hoping turning my hot water off will at least allow me to have some water on, without worrying about a leak.

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