The cost of borrowing and comprison between BOA and the mortgage broker, you find a better one?

My broker wants to charge the following loan amout of about $ 242 K. and the current rates cheaper by about 6% 30 years fixed fee tulu.hindamise 300menetlustasu issues USD 350 million for security 700titile $ closing cost $ 1,100 paid to the broker 2450YSP 1.5%, which would be $ 3,663 kuumakse 1805.Maakler said, is the PMI, as we put 5%. Now Bank of America wants to give me $ 250K loan as stated income, 30 years together, 10% less than the loan rate andwhich 225K $ 5.500% 3.552% discount points, but I have to pay a tax of $ 7,992 but no PMI put 10% down or closing of all loans teenustasusid.Kui ├╝ksnesnr compare to find the best broker BOA or THR? Above all, when I lose more money? BOA is PMI, which means I’m saving more than $ 100 a month for several years right? I think that despite the $ 7,992 discount points, I still think the BOA deal is not better than any commissions on loans and save thousands of PMI.?

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