The best advice for investing in real estate for 23 year old male?

Hello, I am a 23 year old man who just bought my first apartment and I would buy another! What are my best ways to invest in another property. I’m very practical, I would not mind buying a fixer-upper, repair, and sell it, or join a rental property and sell it after 2 years? I have not found much in the way of forums / sites online. I am for a site or similar advice to what I see AlacraWiki forum for investment in shares suchen.Ich a good saver and I expect that I save ~ 15,000 per year, I just 5,000 in cash from now on. .. Has anyone experienced these things? Gone by themselves or know a good resource for doing research! .. I am open to all sorts of ideas, loans, second mortgage deed, etc.
Real Estate Sales Broker Mortgage Loan Officer / and which has the potential to earn more money? Who knows what is the best way to get one? ? Campus / Online Thanks:)

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