Tell me everything I need to know about buying a house? 10pts asap!?

Im planning to buy a house. Its really solid, a good investment in my opinion. 3BR 1.5BA and basement..Nice yard, garage, privacy fence, deck, inside has all new electric, could use some paint and carpet (we plan to do those things regardless if it needs it or not). The house is on the market for $ 15,000. Taxes are up to date, real estate agent said the taxes for this house would be around $ 500 per yr. I’ll have to check with the utility companies to make sure there aren’t any outstanding balances. We plan to pay cash upfront, but have been considering a mortgage to boost our credit.

Please tell me if there is any information that I am forgetting to find out, if a mortgage is a bad idea or a good idea, anything you could think of tell me.

Im a first time buyer, and I feel it just seems too easy to hand over the cash, get the deed and be done? Also, this is the 2nd house we looked at. There are a couple more we seen and liked, but this one has everything we want in a house (yard, fence, deck, only needs minor repairs etc)…do you think it would be best to jump on this opportunity while I can, or should we stay on the market a while longer and hope to find something better? Advice please?

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