Taylor Bean & Whitaker/Sparta Servicing/Wells Fargo?

HELP HELP HELP!!! I have two mortgages (80/20) and without going into great detail I had a rough 2008 and fell behind with my larger mortgage with Taylor Bean. I started the modification process in Oct. ’08 and they passed off the process to a place called Sparta Servicing. Wells Fargo is the investor on my loan. The “modification” offer I just received is a JOKE…totally setting me up to fail! No decrease in percentage rate, no extended loan term and they want me to pay my old payment for three months and then they will ADD the arrearages, thus making my payment that I already cannot afford MORE. Taylor Bean is no longer talking to me about it, Sparta is just the “go between” and I am told that Wells Fargo isn’t modifiying anyone and I can foreclose or try a short sale. Is anyone out there in my same position with Wells Fargo as investor? Anyone have any success? Inside contacts? I want to stay in my home mostly for my baby girl. Also, if they would just budge a LITTLE I could totally swing it! Thanks…

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