Taxes and aid issues?

13.Sandra is unique and a lot of entertainment business at home. As Arthur, grandfather of 80 years, Sandra, who lived with Sandra load, requires full-time nursing and medical care, he was transferred to Twilight Nursing Home. During the year, Sandra made the following payments on behalf of Arthur: Arcade at dusk meal for $ 4 500 Arthur, in the twilight doctor and nurse of $ 850 million cost of television services 700Kabel chamber Arthur $ 107 Total $ 6.157Twilight medical staff at home. Apart from the floor of 7.5%, how much, if any, these costs for a medical deduction qualifizierena Sandra. $ 6.157b. $ 6.050c. D. $ 5,200 $ oben14.Which 1.550e.None the following statements is correct? A. If an activity considered a trade secret or business, the loss is deducted werdenb.If activity is classified as a hobby, you can not deduct expenses werdenc.If activity is classified as a hobby, part deductible expenses seind.Only a. and c. sinde.a correctly., b, c. sind15.Joseph correctly and Sandra, married taxpayers who took a mortgage on his house for $ 350,000 in 1989. In May this year, while the house had a market value of $ 450,000 and needed $ 250,000 on the mortgage market, they took out a home equity loan for $ 220,000. They used the funds to a single-engine aircraft are used for the purchase of leisure travel. What is the maximum amount of debt on which they can deduct interest on home equity a. B. $ 50,000 $ 100.000c. $ 220.000d. oben16.Terry $ 230.000e.None pay $ 8000 for being a founding member of the Mammoth varsity this year. Membership ensures that Terry to get choice seats at all basketball games at Mammoth home. In addition, Terry is charged $ 2200 (regular price) for season tickets for himself and his wife. For these terms, both as a charitable gift is a. $ 6.200b. $ 6.400c. D. $ 8,000 $ 10.200e.None oben17.During year, Kirk traveled from Trenton to Oslo (Norway) on businesses. Time spent as follows: 2 day trip (one day in each direction), companies in 2 days and 2 days in person. His expenses for the trip are as follows (room and board do the business section): $ airfares 3.300Freie $ 900 Meals and $ 1.500Vorausgesetzt, no refund will be deducted from Kirk a. $ 5.700b. $ 4.950c. D. $ 3,850 $ 2.750e.None the oben18. Terry and Jim are two companies operating illegally. Terry runs a business of gambling, and Jim runs a drug trafficking business. Both companies have gross revenues of $ 500,000. The Company incurred the following costs: Jim Terry wages $ 200,000 $ 200,000 for payments cops $ 25,000 $ 25,000 Rent and utilities $ 50,000 $ 50,000 Cost of sales $ -0 – $ 125.000Welche the following statements is true a. ? Nor Terry or Jim costs above in the calculation of corporate profits abziehenb.Terry should profit from his business of $ 225,000 and the report of Jim should profit from his business of $ 375,000 Berichtc.Jim should profit from his business REPORTOFTH of $ 500,000. Jim should profit from his business of $ 250,000 would benefit travel Berichte.Terry his company $ 250,000 Bericht19.Emily who lives in Indiana, volunteered to go to Louisiana in March to a project to build Habitat homes for Humanity (qualified non-profit organization) to work. He has been in Louisiana for three weeks. It is usually $ 500 per week as a carpenter’s assistant and plans to put $ 1500 as a deduction for charitable donations. They also created the following costs associated with the trip: $ 600 for transportation, $ 1200 for housing and $ 400 for meals. What is the deduction of Emily charitable activities connected a. $ 600 billion. $ 1.200c. D. $ 1,800 $ 2.200e. $ 3,700 would be subject to the following assets c20.Which right to recover the costs? A. Improvements to the physical therapy room of a doctor-patient eingesetztb.An in an antique vase paintings hangin Medical WartezimmercA Picasso on the doctor’s office and Wandd.a ce.a, b and c21.Saul is simple, less than 65 years and has a gross income of $ 50,000. Its deductible expenses include: Maintenance-$ 12,000 donation to charity $ 2,000 contribution to a traditional IRA, $ 5,000 expense to be paid $ 6,000 in interest rates on mortgage loans and residential property taxes on the personal residence of $ 7,000-State income tax is $ 2.200Was Saul AGI a. B. $ 27,000 $ 33.000c. D. $ 32,000 $ 15.800e.None of the above

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