Tax Question: Should I buy a rental property with a mortgage or take a mortgage?

I buy a rental property of $ 50K. I made 10K so I need to borrow 2 billion 40KMul offer that will determine whether I will apply my payments for mortgage interest on Schedule E for rental property or a less detailed on my first 1040 . Kodukapitalilaenu my house at 6.09% and $ 300 loan processing fee. 15 years of knowledge – the first annual interest payment is $ 2,452 – I think it would be interesting mahaarvamist.Hüpoteegi detailed property investments of 6.25% and 3.8. Total costs $ 2,100, including points. Note 15 – Ist year interest payment $ 2492 I think it would have cost my E. I have 28 calendar years% tax bracket and have no other mortgages on my primary maja.Et further complicate the situation, I $ 34,000 of student debt, and not to roll the equity in laenu.Milline my house would be the best of my payment? Take a mortgage or a mortgage on a new property? If I roll my student loans for home loan?

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