Tax losses help student loans.?

Just got a letter from Capital Management services relating to a student loan from 4000 Kaplan University, this has been around for years, I forgot, and I sent a letter of warning just before tax season say to get in touch with them within 30 days, to verify the debt. Your Dec.2012 called the line of travel and is not there in 2013 still. Is there a way to keep my name out of the list of tax for the year 2013? I can do a payment now to stop this? By the way, my name is chaned since this help? Notes Please, how can I accomplish this alone until I can get my refund. I am married and married archivo.Gracias by the responses so far, is another piece of information Citibank appropriate, as well. It just seems to find me, I was in the army at the time all over the place and not realize that they are still owed. It is a threatening letter to pay the intention simply to make sure the call to the tax season and that there is a government loan.

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