Tax due when I sell my share of the 40% of currently owned home?

I currently have 40% of the house shared with my father (60%). My brother would like to purchase the 40% and move in. How would I deal with my taxes when I sell my 40%? Is there a tax exemption if I use this 40% money that I receive and buy another property within a certain time frame? What about the 2 out of 5 rule that I read about, would I be qualified?

So I purchased a 40 gallon breeder at a great price off of craigslist. The previous owner said that they used the tank for both fish and a turtle. How thick should the glass be on a 40 gallon breeder fish tank? And how can I tell if the seams are heavy duty? Is their anyway to reinforce the seams by adding extra silicon to them? Thanks!

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