T my elderly parents and sick are second mortgage / loan for your home?

The parent company name. Married 30 years with our stepfather. The house is paid. They 2500.00 MB, SD (sec. & His pension) Our brother is now engaged in their finances and said they have no money and wants to get their second mortgage / home loan . My mother is leaving home for their children .. This was agreed during their marriage, the family’s first home after her youngest child, became the 18th Stepfather is a will, but we did not see it.They are both 82 and very poor health. Bills, taxes, groceries, cable and utilities, health insurance, the stepfather, mother, and the Wisconsin health plan for some of the drugs they are paying out of pocket, as . ~ We believe that our half-brother tries to make some easy money and are afraid of our mother, he is obliged to conclude a thing for her. They are not too old and too sick to get another, even mortgage or loan? And if not, what can we do to prevent this? Thank you in advance for any help you can give us and take time to read our questions.

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