Switching our VA loan mortgage to conventional mortgage?

My husband and I have our VA loan through Wells Fargo. We are being transferred to another state soon and were interested in buying a second home there. I know you can only have one VA loan mortgage at a time, so I was wondering if we could switch the mortgage on our existing home to a conventional type mortgage in order to get another VA loan for the second home?
I feel like you are trying to say my husband and I do not know how to save money because we have a VA loan. We actually know how to save money and have quite a bit of money saved up thank you very much. It’s a little arrogant and presumptuous of you to assume military families do not know how to save money. As for for renting where we go next, we have lived there before in our travels with the military and are very familiar with the area. This wasn’t a question asking your opinion of whether or not to rent or buy, it was a question as to whether it is possible to switch mortgage types, that’s all.

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