Suggest a cheap (temporary) floor covering, so we can get a conventional mortgage (not construction)?

We bought a home in need of work and so needed a construction loan. It’s not one where we do some work, get some money, do more work, etc. We have the money to do what is needed – you just can’t get a conventional mortgage unless there is “no construction”.

Work is going too slowly to get it “done right”, so we want to cheaply get things to a point where we qualify for a conventional mortgage – its hard to get exact answers on what exactly will qualify (suggests on where to find out?)

So – ideas for cheap floors, that will easily be removed later. Going to do hardwood eventually – but doesnt make sense to do them when there are still walls to be moved, plumbing to be ripped out, etc.

Will the self-stick square tiles come back up easily? We’re trying to get cheap rug but just installed so it will come up easily (no nails). Not sure how they could do it … double sided tape? Glue?

Any ideas?

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