Subrime Mortgage (Neg am loan)?

I have a mortgage that gives me 4 payment options it is 8.5% but have only been paying the minimum because that is all I can afford my broker conned me into taking this loan 2 years ago and told me to just pay the minimum and we could re-finance later. He is now out of business. Is this considered a subprime loan? My balance is going up now and It is scheduled to reset where my payments jump dramatically in the next 14 months, my home is now not worth what I paid for 2 years ago. I don’t know what to do now. I have never been late on any of my payments. Do I qualify for the Government rate freeze? Do I qualify for the Fanny Mae government loan? My loan is through Countrywide and back 6 months ago I contacted them to see if I could get out of this mess and they told me no because I have a 3 year pre payment penalty and now I heard they were going to start contacting Subprime lenders in January to try and help them out to get them a Fanny Mae type Government loan. What can I do?
So is this a Subprime loan? and to answer Mary B. NO I DID NOT KNOW WHAT I WAS GETTING INTO!!!! YOU WERE NOT THERE SO DON’T ASSUME THINGS. My broker never explained to me negative amortization he told me this was a new loan program that Countrywide used to get first time buyers in homes.

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