Student loan preventing home loan?

I have been working on getting pre approved for a home loan along with my husband. After days of gathering documents and filling out forms our “loan lady” told us that if my student loans are less than 3 years from repayment the Underwriter will take 5% of the current total and count it as my monthly payment.

I have 2 years left in my nursing program and my current loans are at 13,000. My total loans are estimated at 25,000. 5% of 13K is $ 650 a month, which is waaay more than my loans will be per month.

We have no credit card debt, 8K left on 2 auto loans (total monthly pmt is about 500 for the 2), and about 5K in the bank right now. We make about 54K per year.

Is this 13K student loan REALLY going to prevent me from getting a home loan? I know my payments won’t be as high as they are counting–5% is ridiculous!

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