Still think the mortgage crisis is only the fault of the borrower or the Congress? But WaMu?

According to the Senate report released today, Washington Mutual, one of the leading originators and purchasers of variable rate mortgages, are the following things during the boom years “in 2006 and 2007: * Revenues associated WaMu offices in California, the loan documents prepared by cutting and pasting the names of the borrowers bank statements .* Two of the largest producers offices – Downey and Montebello, California – was the level of fraud in more than 58 percent and 83 percent of loans .* As an added bonus went to loan officers that overloads the borrowers on loans or perceived penalties prepayment .* Then the “WaMu” dumping securities polluted water, toxic mortgages in streams to the U.S. financial system “by repackaging and selling fraudulent hüpoteegid.Kas you still believe that the banks were victims, not by a mortgage crisis?” html? x = 0 & sec = & pos = 2 & = & = Asset TopStories CCODE

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