stated income+ many questions?

I’ll be shopping for a mortgage at the end of the summer. I wanna know what to expect. I know that I will get a higher rate because it will be a stated income.
a. What rate should I expect? ( so that if it’s too high I’ll recognise when to just say No thanks)
b.Does the futur job on which I am basing my mortgage loan makes a difference in the rate I’ll be getting?
c. Should I just wait ti’ll I graduate to get a house?

here are my “numbers”
1) credit score is 741
2) $ 12,000 in credit card debt ( card limit is $ 26,000, I am no longer using this card, I am in repayment mode)
3) just bought a new car $ 260/72months ( it’s bcz of this big addition to my credit that I want to wait few months before going for a mortgage.

I do realise nobody here is psychic, I won’t find out much until I applied. But, I am hoping that some loan expert, somewhere in this community will guide me a little bite.

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