State Farm Renters Insurance Question?

I am thinking about purchasing a State Farm Renters Policy. I recently did a quote, and the price was pretty damn good for my policy term limits. I would just like to know your prior experience with STATE FARM’S RENTERS policy ONLY, please. Is this company good or bad? Have you filed a claim, how was that process? How are reps? etc.

Thank you all in advance; I look forward to viewing your responses
-I actually did shop around, for $ 108,000 of coverage, the monthly quote is $ 32.17, GEICO’s monthly quote comes in at $ 86.00, and a the others which I have done averages in from $ 70-$ 130/month
Yep, I live in NYC. It makes sense for me to rent an apartment for $ 1,300 a month, rather than pay @$ 3,500/ month for a mortgage for comparable home in my location.

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