someone with knowledge of mortgage approval?

Short-my mother (only 58) is planning on selling their house (too much care, she lives alone) you want to buy a house with my husband and our children. One step-brother. We currently rent our house. We have never owned a home or even attempted. We have always been concerned that we never get a loan. My credit score is 690 for my husband is 650 … none of us have bad credit, but we have some questions unflattering. I do not think these questions are too hard on because all my loans (credit cards, auto loans) I have never been late paying them to be found. Its more the fact that our cards are maxed out in the rule. But we still have payments, and we usually pay double the minimum contribution. What I question is our history Approoved employment. I have in my work for 15 months but the company where I work, I as his “name” in the last 6 years, I moved I just another division of the company (this is a separate payroll) “is not sure that this does not affect what so ever on my story. Another thing is that my husband just started his new job in May has already been used by country (National Guard), before it was strange that construction work here and there but nothing really stable. Thus, its use has spotted (outside of the army he was “busy” since, with over 14 years.) While the history of war has no bearing on his employment history? It does the job market for a month is a time served in the army to help? The situation that my mother, and the fact that we have a house we want is what we have little time to “fix” things or build the jobs found. We do not know the latest. house is a huge Fixer Upper (no kitchen / bath, etc. ..), so there’s no way the VA agreed with us, is to their credit. I’m going to be a natural one bank … my sister is a realtor and is the assistant branch manager at a bank small town … if I finish the application and so on … but I’m just curious what others now “reflect on the Info … I have people who have a good understanding of loans and mortgages (because I did not). My husband is very worreid not we be in a position and therefore it is simply not going to try, but I say what is the harm in trying … the worst that can happen is … we do not get credit! heres good “reason why we want the house. It sits on 1.18 hectares of land. And the cost is ridiculously low $ 195,000 … for the Boston area. My husband and I can not afford to buy a home more say $ 260 (which is too high) and in our area … we would still have shit for this could well …. just buy a house they have decent housing. My mother with the money they make from their homes to help us solve (if we can get it) I would buy a “better” house, but they are simply not possible. The houses here are the range of 450 at 500 (if you want something decent) And as I said, we are looking for a house with a potential law …

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