someone please help? Mortgage Broker here?

this is my situation … I said back with a mortgage broker for a while, get a loan. He ran towards me and credit my husband and he told me that we qualify. after review by alittle more I decided to go with his mortgage and company.he finamce gave me a letter of pre-qualification by saying that we conditionally eligible for a loan of up to 250,000. we have an offer on a house and it was Acccepted. I got a commitment from him referred to the statement of my interest and he also said he needs a copy of the sales contract and W2 or pay slips. He wrote that once the lender for final approval.i do not understand that he receives will be sent. Why donors must make final approval. We have credit problems in the past, but he has already pre-qualified to us the loan. we are now buying a house .. And if something goes wrong and does not go through the loan? This can happen if they ever run credit and m US.I shortlisted afraid he will say we can not get money

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