some whos good at english please please help me!!?

i have along paper that due in an hour that i need to reword and im not going to have enough time to do the whole thing so can some PLEASE please please help me reword a little part of it id really appreciate it. Thank you Soo much!! ( the paper cant look similar, but it needs to have the same idea)

Racism is defined as a prejudice that members of one race are superior to member of another race. After returning home from World War I, the white soldiers found themselves out of work and that African Americans held their previous positions. This made the white soldiers incredibly angry and started a snow ball of race riots against African Americans. African Americans would pass through white communities in order to get to work, and the whites would assault them. However, unlike in black communities where there would have been consequences for their wrongdoings, whites got away with attacking the blacks such as the white gang group Hamburg Athletic Association (HAA). Not only were they harassed for walking in white communities, but they were rejected from society. For instance, when a young man wanted to join Boy Scouts, he was quickly turned away because of his color. There was no organized activity to promote black youth. Instead of helping these African Americans grow, they would arrest them and throw them in jail.
Whites would prevent blacks from assimilating into their communities by having “…restrictive covenants, real estate contracts that forbid owners to sell to black people, would cover more than three quarters of Chicago’s homes, keeping black people to slim south side black belt” (World of Gangs 71). If that didn’t work, then the white religious sets such as the Irish and the white gang HAA, would use physical and verbal aggression to keep them out. Thus, having a profound restriction on certain areas that African Americans can live. Being considered an outsider due to the appearance of your skin was very demoralizing for the black community. African Americans were confined in a certain area and could not get out of it. Even if they could afford a better lifestyle, the white neighborhoods would forbid the white home owner to sell to a person of color.

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