Some Questions on the film Too Big to Fail?

I just watched the film, and was very confused. Can some one answer these ?’s for me?

1) What were the arguments in the film for and against bailing out Lehman Bros.?

2) What was Paulson’s final decision on the Lehman Bros. bailout?

3) What were “toxic mortgage backed assets”? what happened to their value as home prices fell?

4) What happened when Morgan Stanley was near failure?

5)What was Bernanke’s concern about a financial collapse? Was it that it would be much worse than the Great Depression?

6)What did the prospect of AIG failing do to Paulson’s and Bernarke’s position on bailouts?

7) Why was Congress asked for Bailout money? How was the financial bailout structured?

8) What happened to the money that was loaned to the banks?

9) What was the impact of the bank bailout on the banking system?

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