Socialism and Democracy, my solution to the financial crisis and what are your ideas on how to do it?

in the first place instead of all the money to financial institutions, we will never see again, the money should be used to teach a fund for the taxpayer. Now, that money should be used, all American taxpayers a government loan in the amount paid enough for each of their credit cards, mortgages, car loans to strict guidelines to ensure that loans are repaid in full and closed. However, these loans should or could be low or no interest with the possibility of withholding tax, income tax at the time of the statement given to balance the product of time before the right and the responsibility of the principle instead of interest on debts. Then it would be reset for all financial institutions to a zero balance sheet and in most cases in the dark. Now, it is very possible that the federal government to find a single account and the funds in the accounts could not even touch the hands of the holder of the loan, thus reducing the risk of fraud and abuse to be wired. The way to stop it now, the organs are accumulated with government money for loans and loans sour or holders of harassment for their payments, it would be the problem from all points. Now, would not the taxpayers additional funds were just enough for virtually all existing loans were required, said taxpayers. The taxpayer would then be paid from the credit card payment granted or to reinvest in this great free country. I hope this is of everyone, they would in the future much more responsibility, I also have an influence on their future. After all is said and done the taxpayers would be more than enough capital to repay this fast little or not prepared to pay for performance for the beginning the government would have more than enough with the taxes already in force function and I am true, more to come, and loan payments coming in every month of all citizens who pay taxes in the country, wow, our funds would be re-packed. The Old Testament is called a jubilee year in which all debts were canceled and criminal forgiven. Please give me your ideas on how you would resolve the current crisis and help return the country the world’s richest.

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