So now that we are positioned with a Fannie-Freddy mandate style solution to the health care problem, so that?

…we can appease CONS, how long before CONS blame dems for a bailout of the health insurance industry?

Fannie-Freddy = mandate loan approvals to higher risk homeowners.

HMOs= mandate health coverage for high risk preexisting conditions.

Isn’t that what we will be left with? a mandate? How many more people will be dropped because of this mandate and how much will our premiums rise?

Poor HMOs:” I have to raise my prices and premiums, because poor little old me can’t afford to cover people with preexisting conditions. There is a reason why most HMOs have that rule ya know. It’s OK, the government will bail us out”

“It’s OK we will just become to big to FAIL!”

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