So my company will close down soon, whats next?

Joined this company around march 15th or so, cannot remember. The interview was on a friday morning. I went there and got greeted by the staff and the boss.So about 15 minutes of the interview, I got hired. Good right? Few weeks later, I find out we are losing money and as a market manager I havent gotten 1 client yet. I hear the market this year is terrible and we do e-commerce for wholesale market. Alot of people have people who this for them and dont need it. I am in norcross, georgia so I dont know if this info helps. So right now we are in -350,000 in debt and losing our office soon. Today the building manager stopped by and said we cant just give up the office like that. We have to wait til end of the year or get someone to get sublease. So the time the manager said my CPA is paying for my office items I bought for this company at the end of the year was bullshit I guess.

What should I do now? Start finding another job or wait til we actually close down?
Im just a marketing associate, I dont have the control of the lease and what do you mean by lesser?
Next time, I will do credit check. Im sticking for now to see what will happen. As of now, we are still operating. Also, I dont need to file for bankruptcy since Im not the ceo.

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