Single mother, working 2 jobs and going to school. I need a loan!!?

Hello, I am single mother in Georgia. I have a 2 year old daughter. I work 2 jobs and I am also a part time student. I fell on hard times after having my daughter. A lot of bills backed up and it is hard to pay them. My credit score is not that great right now due to the old bills. Now that I have a secure full time job plus a part time, I am ready to get everything back on track. I dont get any help financially from my daughter’s father or any other family members. I am looking to get a Loan for about $ 3000 or more to pay off all my debt. I am a very reliable, honest person. I just need a little help. I tried applying for food stamps and other government assistance, but they say my income is over the gross income limit for them. I am not even able to get insurance for my daughter or myself from them. Right now I am paying for school out of pocket with no financial aid. Is there anyone kind enough to help me out? Thank you so very much! Any help is well appreciated!
Also to add: I have tried applying for School loans, and I have been denied.. maybe because of my past credit issues. Plus I dont have anyone that can co-sign for me

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