single mom looking to buy a home?

I am recently divorced, put myself through college (but now have a ton of debt) and a job in which I did not even need a degree. we receive no child support and he does not even want custody. at any rate i am trying to buy a home (so we are not paying someone elses mortgage) but I make next to nothing. we are barely able to afford the hole we live in, let alone pay back the money i owe for student loans. We make too much for gov. ass. yet too little to really make it. I had to pull out a line of credit at work to pay rent and day care not to mention my kids need shoes and clothes and yes i am a thrifty shopper. it would all be okay except for these STUDENT LOANS which i did not even NEED! these loans are what are keeping us from purchasing a home. (because of the debt to income ratio not to mention that FHA loans cover only all but
3-4% of a home loan which is good but then again back to the debt to income ratio. ps i work full time plus cleaning after work. HELP 🙁 please

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