Should you take an ex back if he cheats with your neighbor?

I recently broke up with my ex. It was VERY hard for me because I was REALLY in love with him. I’m talking about that kind of love where you sit up and admire him while he sleeps, or you cry during intercourse because you love them so much. However, he cheated on me with my NEIGHBOR. I found out through a friend and immediately confronted them. They both ended up fessing up to it and said it only happened once, but I do not believe them. I immediately kicked him out of my house. I refused to answer his calls and even changed my number, because I was devastated about what he had done. Over time, my heart began to soften to the situation. I was still hurt, but I thought I was not as mad about it anymore. So I decided to call him and another woman answered the phone. It had to be about 2 months after we broke up. That resurfaced all of the emotions that took me so long to get a grip on.
Now, sometimes I think that I initially reacted to fast and off of impulse without really taking time to think everything out. I have since moved on and I am now involved in another relationship with someone who is crazy about me, BUT I can not fully give myself to the new man, because I am still in love with my ex. When I ask my friends about it, they say that I should leave him in the past because he will cheat again, but I feel like I am selling myself short. About a week ago, I got a text from him telling me that he missed me, he still loved me, and that he will never give up on our relationship. Sometimes, I think I am trying to prove a point but only to myself. I love him and I miss him like crazy. He treated me like a Queen, until I found out about the incident. I don’t know what to do. There is an internal battle of the heart vs. the mind. What should I do? I am going to drive myself crazy by continuously thinking about it/him.

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