Should we reconfigure our new house to make a great room?

We just bought a house and its pretty old.. currently you walk through a small hallway into a living room.. to the right is a master bedroom, and the left side is divided into a kitchen and bathroom on left side and 2 smaller bedrooms (one after another) on the right side. (so, the kitchen has a door opening to one bedroom). We are thinking about taking down the wall to connect the bedroom to the kitchen as well as take a portion of the preceding bedroom also to make a “great” room. But if this is done, the new bedrooms will be at the front of house, and person entering will have to walk down a hallway to get to the back of the house to a living area. Is this a good idea? or should we keep it the way it is?? oh, we are also planning on adding french doors to the back of the house (at the back of the new “great” room) which will open to a new deck and the big backyard. will it make property difficult to sell if entry is to a long hallway?
i forgot to add that our driveway runs the length of the house. We would probably park our car at the end of the driveway and use the rear deck to “great” room entrance 99% of the time

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