Should I write the CEO over customer service trouble with mortgage company?

Skip the long paragraph if this is too much for you to read.

So, when the people you are dealing with are no help, and customer service doesn’t care, is it right to write a letter to the CEO of a major company to explain your displeasure, or is that going too far. I’m afraid I’ll get people in trouble, and this seems to be a management issue more than an issue with bad employees. Each person along the way seems to have the attitude that they did their job, and someone else should be helping with the next part of it and here is their number. There doesn’t seem to be anyone to call when something falls between the cracks.

I’ve had multiple customer service issues with my mortgage company. They failed to attach an addendum to my closing documents, so on closing day we were scrambling to get the deal approved as we made it. My loan officer took closing day off of work, and left a back-up officer’s number. The other loan officer also took that day off work. The administrative support for my loan officer was also unreachable. There is no general number for that office, so after having little sucess dialing random extensions to speak to anyone at the mortgage department, I called the bank with the same name as the mortgage company and had them connect me to someone in mortgage. The loan officer, unfamiliar with my loan, refused to approve the loan with the addendum, and felt I should have already been told by both my loan officer and my realtor that it wouldn’t be approved. I signed the approved offer that did not include the addendum so I could close (even though it cost me $ 2000 to do so) and thought it was over. But then on Monday I hear that because I submitted an addendum the accepted loan offer was void, I hadn’t closed, and it took many more hours before that was settled. Then when my first mortgage payment was due, I found that the department that sets up automatic drafts failed to set mine up. When I call the guy who emailed me to set it up, he says he passed it on to someone else, and heres the number. I call him back to say it isn’t taken care of, and he expresses surprise but doesn’t tell me he will take care of it. I call customer service to find out who to complain to, and he doesn’t know (but he does suggest that I can do it myself online). He tells me there is no one under the Vice President who is in charge of all these people.

So, if there is no one who has the job of helping me get the mortgage done, and no one who has the job of setting up my automatic draft, is it fair to decide that it is the CEO’s job and send this problem to him? Or is that overkill, and something I want to do because I’m upset.

(It won’t do me any good or harm either way–the loan is done and I can go online and do the job they paid two people to fail to do.)

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