Should I worry that I used false information on my loan application now that I’m filing for bankruptcy?

A couple of years ago, I bought a home and the mortgage broker I used filled out false information on the loan application. He said he was doing this to get me approved and get me a better rate since I didn’t have the documentation to satisfy the lender’s requirements. I signed the documents.

Well we ended up getting the loan but have since had some financial trouble which will require us to file for Chapter 7 bankrupcty and now I’m worried about the consequences of providing that false information during the application process.

Will that come back to bite me? Is this going to be an issue during the bankruptcy process? Will the Bankrupcy Trustee take a closer look into this? Is there a potential for me to get into trouble for this? If there is, what kind of trouble?

Or will the Bankruptcy Trustee not even notice or care?

Thanks in advance everybody.

My husband and I are planning to move soon. I say that extra payments at this point are akin to putting money under the mattress. He thinks we will get more than we put in when we sell. We understand that extra money applied to principal shortens the loan, but don’t understand how that all works. Is the loan refigured every month? every year? Where would we find out this information? Our mortgage is with US Bank – would their customer service be knowledgable enough? Thank you!

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