Should i try to talk to father in law ? ..Prefer men to answer or FATHERS !?

Two months ago, my financee had our child and i didnt do the things i promised her family and move her out before she had our son ( she was living with her parents ) and we broke up a month prior to our son being born but in the mean time we have patched things up and are back togther and instead of buying a home, we are going to rent a house for maybe a year until we can come up with the down payment but most important thing will we be moving in togther next month at the earliest but this isnt about me and her tho.
me and my father in law to be~ use to be great friends and would talk about everything and anything and barbque togther and etc, when i went to his house to see my son, he supposely teared up when he seen me holding my son in the living room~ my friends told me he is probably scared i was going to be a dead beat dad like his daugthers first child ( she has another son- 6 )
my best friend told me, ” you got his baby pregant- its his only daugther !! ”
tonight im going with my financee to watch her son play t-ball but the thing is, the father in law is a asst coach and i know he will see me !
should i MAN up and go talk to him, is that what he is probably waiting for ?
or should i just wait and not say a word, reason being i want to patch things up with him too- his daugther told me he doesnt hate me, he just is disppointed in me.
so if your step dad and you are looking at me take care of my son and your daugther and getting ready to get a home for us, what do you want me to do ?….talk to you, ignore you, what ?

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