Should I take out money from my 401K to pay off my timeshare? ?

I have $ 20,000+ in my 401K account. I bought a timeshare with an ex-boyfriend five years ago. (I know, I know)

Monthly payment: $ 168
Interest: 17%
Will be paid-off in 10 years. I have five more years to go.
Current balance: $ 6, 235.64 (amount left that I need to pay)

I’ve been paying the minimum every year for five years. I don’t know why, but I just realized that I should try to pay this timeshare off as quickly as possible. Using Karl’s Mortgage Calculator, my total interest would be 50.25% after everything is paid off!!

Should I take out the money from my 401K plan? The interest rate is 5% and I can try to pay it off within one-two years. There’s no penalty if I pay it off early.
Update: Thank you all for the advice! I am still considering taking out a loan, but my main concern is security. What if I lose my job, then I’d have to pay off what I owe withing 30 days. That will be tough. The other option is to pay at least $ 540 a month in order to pay it off in a year. I might just do that?

In addition, it’s so hard to sell a timeshare. I don’t know how people do it. My timeshare is in West Palm Beach, FL and there are nicer timeshares. I will try eBay and see what is available to me.

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