Should I take a job offering $1.00 Less than what my current employer pays me(step on the stone job)?

I was offered a job with opportunities to grow and make very good money in the future(1 to 3 years).
My current employer is a step on the stone job, it means that you can become a supervisor but you make the same as another employee most of the time.
It would take me 25 minutes from home to drive to the new workplace.
It only takes me 5 minutes to get to my current work place.
My current employers pays me 1 dollar more than the company offering me the new position.
Current Employer—- Health Insurance, Workers Comp, 401K, Vacations, Holidays Paid, groceries card of $ 100 in Christmas and Thanksgiving. Little or no overtime, no more than 2 hours per week.
New Employer?—-Health, Dental, Life, 401K, Short Term Disability, Long Term Disability, Workers Comp, Holidays paid, Vacations, Incentives for safety every three months, Overtime offered if they like me and stay in the company for more than three months.More Opportunities to grow, Less Dust and NO Exposure to poisons and noise.

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