Should I start looking for a new job?

I am an Office manager for a family owned manufacturing company. I have worked here for 10 years and am at a point where I feel no further potential is available to me. I am very underpaid (compared to other companies) but the benefits (insurance & 401K) are phenomenal. After 10 years I only get 2 weeks of paid vacation and no paid sick or personal time. I love the people I work with at my branch. I work about 10 minutes from home which is very convenient because I have 2 school age children. But I really feel like I have so much more potential to be something more. My biggest concern is…do I want to start over? Do I want to make the commute? Is it more important to satisfy my career goals and climb to the top, or to stay in my “safe zone” and be readily available to my children? Of course the money would be nice, but is it worth it?

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