Should I sell or refinace my house?

I am 21 years old and not too long ago bought a 2 family house. It is being used for investment purposes. Right now I am paying some money out of my pocket because the rent i am getting doesn’t add up to what I owe on the mortgage. Now i’m thinking about selling it or refinacing it. If I refiance I am escrowing the insurance and tax into the mortgage. So the monthly payments will go up a bit. The loan officer told me that I can get something called “depreciation”. I don’t really know what that means. Something to do with taxes I guess. So what ever I pay out of my pocket I will get back when I do my taxes. He said I would have to hire an accountant for all of this. I also plan on buying more property. So my question is will it work out for me if i refinace? or am I better off selling the house? Like I said i am 21 and new to this real estate kind of thing. Any suggestions/opinions would help alot. Thanks

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