Should I report it to my insurance company?

This is terribly embarrassing, but I accidentally backed into someone’s mailbox on Christmas Eve.

Before you ask, no, I was not partaking of the “holiday cheer” and I am normally a very conscientious driver– I have never once had an accident. I feel just awful about this, because it was totally avoidable. It’s just that the street was so narrow, and there were cars all aligned down the road…it was also pitch black, since this street had no street lights. I honestly didn’t see it… I even checked my blind spots twice each…

Miraculously, there was no damage to the other person’s property aside from the mailbox being cocked to the side, which my fiance and I fixed before we left. No one was home for us to inform, we tried several times to contact the property owner, to no avail.

There was, however, a little damage to my car. A dent no more than 3-5 inches in length and no more than an inch across.Some of my paint got scraped off, two small abrasions or so, the biggest of which is about the size of a quarter.

My mother went ballistic on me for it…serves me right for being honest. But anyway, My question is the following:

1) Is this really worth getting upset over?

2) Should I report it to my insurance company (Allstate) and risk my premiums going up– or, would it be less expensive in the long run to repair the damage out of pocket?
I would really like to repair this, because it’s a newer car and it’s served me faithfully for about 3 years.

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