Should I pay off my student loan or wait until I finish my doctorate?

My husband is a PhD student at the moment and I work but I intend to return to my thesis in August 2010.Wir received only a mortgage and my student loans that Schulden.Wir be enough in our emergency fund, my student loan paid in full at the beginning of March 2010 and still have the $ 1,000 of them recommended the left (plus another “unauthorized funds” fees, costs, coverage car repair). However, I do not know if I should pay or not … The interest rate is 3 25% The balance is approximately $ 12,500 (currently about $ 12k or less at the end February), I can move without interest if I start my PhD (guaranteed loans from the Federal Stafford) However, I hate debt and paying it off, I can add an additional $ 1,000 to the RU for a total nearly $ 7,000 more when I start school again in the account in case of problems, I pay $ 200 per MB on the loan which would be EF statt.Also I just wanted someone to me say your opinion … Option 1 cash-in) SL in full at the beginning of March, the reconstruction of the railway as far as possible before starting school (and the income is located) Option 2) Keep stop payment on the building, EF and SL until I school and then to repay the loan (Note: Option 2 might come from other issues mean that the money was not available to repay the loans after graduation I would return to pay $ 200 per month to thank you again)!

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