Should I major in Education or Business?

As of right now, I am an elementary education major. However, I have had thoughts of maybe switching to some kind of business degree such as business management or marketing. Here is why I am on the fence:

Elementary Education: I like kids. I think the job could be fun (of course having bad days). Benefits are great! Being a male will help me land a job. It would give me an opportunity to coach a sports team which is something I’ve always had an interest in. However, the salary is low and I have no idea how I will feel about teaching 3-5 years down the road.

Marketing/Management: The company I work for (Publix) pays for my tuition if I major in some kind of business degree. The salary would be better than teaching (most likely). It is a diverse degree that I can use in almost anything. It would help me move up in either the company I am with now or with another company.

All I want after I finish school is a good job with a decent salary to be able to pay my bills along with paying off my debt from school. To me, teaching would be a great job but it seems like the salary just isn’t worth the time and money spent simply getting the degree. Does anyone have any feedback or insight?

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