Should I let this get me upset?

I am a 39 year old woman going back to college this year. I just got an email from one of my professors that I needed a certain book by tomorrow afternoon. Since my car was wrecked last week, I depend on my husband to take me places until my insurance settles out with me. Well anyway, to make a long story short, The money I have to buy my books with comes on a debit card( mastercard) but the only ATM machine that accepts this card is at the University. I got my husband to drive me up to the college and I went to the dining hall thinking the ATM machine would be in that building. The lady working behind the cash register told me the ATM was in the main building. My husband and I walked over to the main building and went inside to go to the ATM. I was at the machine when this woman comes out from an office and starts yelling at me. She says I am not allowed in that building on Sundays. The doors were open and there was no sign up outside saying do not enter. I was so upset when I left there. I told her that I was taking out money to buy my books from one of my classmates and she didnt care. She was very rude and mean. I wasn’t doing anything wrong and she just came unglued yelling at me. My husband told me not to cry and that she wasn’t worth getting upset about. Should I let it go? The doors were unlocked to the main building and it was open for the public but because it was on a Sunday, no one was in the building.

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